i know this is random, but do u often go to starbucks? what is/are your favorite thing in starbucks?
- Anonymous

Yes, I always go to Starbucks before I go to school in the morning to go get myself some hot choco or coffee to make myself feel more awake. :) Umm.. caramel coffee, salted caramel hot chocolate, mocha cookie crumble, passion tea and red velvet whoopie pie.

Happy Birthday gorgeous! I hope you have an amazing day :-) xxx
- streetfashio-n

Thanks doll! xo

you were the first fashion blog i followed and the last i unfollowed x
- Anonymous

It’s okay.

Your Blog Is Amazing! I Love It!
- smiledarlingxoxo

Aww. Thanks sweetie! <3

hey I love your blog! can you check out mine? thanks!
- goodvibesandtides

Hey! Thank you! Sure. :)

fashi0n bl0ggers like u are s0 dumb! g0 to hell! hipsters ftw!
- Anonymous

Really? lol Okay! I don’t care. :)

hi i love ur blog! its really beautiful. keep it up! sorry for being anon. :)
- Anonymous

Awww. Come off anon, please! Thank you so much! :)

lovely blog! :)
- simply-linh

Yay! Thanks! :) xo

Followed you on twitter dear. I'm @imichdelacruz. Follow me back on twitter if you don't mind? :) Thanks. xoxo
- ohglamchic

FOLLOW! Gorgeous blog! I swear! ♥




haha really? i didn't even notice. thank you (:
- thoughttprocess

Haha yup! You’re welcome :)

check out my blog? thank youuu <3 (:
- thoughttprocess

Following you already but I love your blog. :)

check out my blog? I'm in love with yours! <3
- glamouressence

Love the iPad thing on your blog. Nice! ♥

Can you check out my blog pleaseeee :)
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Sure doll. :)

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Gorgeous blog! Followed! :)

Would you mind checking out my blog? :-) xx
- streetfashio-n

Sure, sweetie! :)